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ExxonMobil is the world's leading manufacturer of both conventional and synthetic finished lubricants.

Our world-leading motor oils - including our flagship oil Mobil 1 - are available at Esso service stations. Fully synthetic engine oils significantly reduce friction and improve engine efficiency. This means better fuel consumption and fewer emissions.

The flexibility of our production processes enables us to supply some 350 different types of finished lubricants to suit a variety of customer requirements.  As well as lubricants for all kinds of combustion engines we also manufacture lubricating oils for machinery used in all types of heavy industry.

ExxonMobil is the world's leading supplier of mineral and synthetic oils to the marine market. The Mobilgard brand of engine oils is the flagship product line offered to deep sea customers. Esso and Exxon branded marine lubricants are marketed to customers in the coastal and inland sectors.

Industry-leading aviation products are available worldwide, supported by technical expertise and services for both commercial and general aviation needs.